Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27
Kendall Mingey

This was a statue of a horse. But then it wasn’t exactly a horse. Or this horse was a little off. This whole piece was a little off. It was fantastic. 

I cannot figure out why this piece was so satisfying. So I looked for images of bronze sculptures of horses. First of all this was not bronze; it was stainless steel. The base was spelt maple, a wonderful detail. Second, this work didn’t really look like the sculptures that came up in my image search. Its legs were stumpy. Its body looked more like a dog, some kind of pointer. There were balls but the penis seemed to be missing or extremely retracted. His anus was exaggerated. His lips were slightly human and curled like Billy Idol’s signature snarl. Its jaw line was exaggerated and in fact his face resembled testicles and a penis (see for yourself!). 

I am falling into straight description, I know. But every detail of this work delivered something. I don’t know what any of it meant. But it was funny and strange and I haven’t seen a work like it before.


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