Friday, June 8, 2012

June 7
James Bailey
Bad Bunny

Dirty Funny Things

Red light cast down from the track lighting and the print was hung not on the gallery's longest, dominant wall but in a little corner in the back of the room. The lightweight paper wiggled lightly from the turning of the ceiling fans.In the constellation of carved forms I saw the little image of dogs mating and I laughed. I continued to identify the pictures, all sexual references, as other viewers came closer. 

It was fun to witness the little eruptions of laughter. It was an adolescent-like pleasure to point out the dirty jokes or solve for the benefit of the person next to us a sexual pun they could not identify. The images floated in the pink negative space and I felt like we had discovered a naughty cave painting. It was a perfect fusion of dainty and vulgar and made sex seem anything but sexy. My favorite image was the forked-tongue snake rising from a little pair of pants. Ha! Who wants to bet that the first joke ever was a dirty joke?

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